Week 8-Post 5

One of my favorite intern experiences has been the Third Thursday Speaker Series: Detroit: A Tale of Two Cities and the event featured panelists discussing topics about the city of Detroit that need to be said and heard. As I imagine most people did, I took in a lot of information from the event and as a Detroit native, born and raised, I always find it heart warming to see people from the community come out and make sure their voices are heard. I think that something (among the tons of other things) that many of these gentrified cities and areas lack is empathy for others and respect for humanity. Everything is about money, money, money, and then more money. I’m grateful that within the last year or two that I have had the opportunity to learn more about what’s actually going on in the communities as opposed to being like many other people I know from the city who are so focused on just trying to work to survive that they can not even follow what’s happening in the city or around them. This internship has further opened my eyes to new things that need to be addressed in the city.

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