Canadian Parliament – The End. On to DC!

My time in Canada has been incredible. Through my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to have many conversations with the Member of Parliament I intern for. She is an incredible person; she won her party’s nomination through hard work and connecting with the community, and deserves her position more than anyone. We both care a lot about gender issues; as I’m writing a thesis this fall on the effect women in government has on young women’s political ambition, I talked to her a lot about what it was like for her to run and the barriers she continues to face as a younger woman in the government. I’ve learned of the importance of properly representing a community, attending local events, and making sure that if you has a position of power, you use it to help others. The people I have met in Canada have been incredible mentors to me as I move on to consider work in politics I would like to do once I graduate.

Canada has taught me so much about what politics can be. While the system also isn’t perfect, its different structure and different political culture mean that bills are passed in different ways and affect people in different ways. I think in the United States, we get caught up thinking that our way is the only way. While we can’t just drop everything and adopt a Canadian system, as I leave to intern in Washington, DC, I can look at our issues with the perspective of so many new ways to solve them

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  • August 15, 2018 at 8:27 am

    With the focus of your thesis, this really was a perfect experience for you. Did your international experience sway your thesis – Meaning, will you focus on women in international or U.S. politics? I am sure that D.C. will continue to provide you with opportunities to explore your research question. Best of luck!


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