Chennai Blog #6

We are nearing the end of our third month here in Chennai. As I said in the last blog, I’ve started working in a new software called Unity, in which I am designing/setting up the user interface for a comic that I drew for the game. I really enjoy this new software, but honestly, it can get a little repetitive sometimes, since the UI is already designed, and my job is to simply set up its assets. But all said and done, learning a new software is always fun, so I am enjoying it.

Outside of work things have been going pretty great too. This past weekend, us four interns, along with some interns from the company that shares our building, Shilpa Architects, all went on a road trip to Pondicherry, a French colony outside of Tamil Nadu. We took a friend’s van and drove about 3 hours to get to a room in a house that we  rented for a night. We stayed up the whole night talking after that and at 5 in the morning, we drove to a beach called Rock Beach and watched the sunrise, which was pretty amazing. After that, we all went to get breakfast, for everyone was so tired that half of us fell asleep at the table. After returning home, we all sort of just collapsed onto the bed and slept for 5 or 6 hours, then proceeded to go home. There is a very famous yellow wall in Pondicherry, which was on the way home, so we spent about an hour taking photos in front of it. Also on the way home is an experimental community called Auroville, which we spent about an hour in also. We ended up getting home around 11 at night. I think this was definitely the highlight of my trip to India so far, and I really hope to keep in touch with all the friends we’ve made here. 

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  • August 7, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    The work your are doing sounds super interesting. And, the travel and sights sounds just amazing. I love this photo of you all. Everyone looks relaxed and happy!


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