Last few weeks

Coming into the final phase of my internship we have ramped up our efforts yet again as a final push towards the ultimate goal of publishing a paper. After recovering from our frustration of inaccurate genotyping on the last attempt at this experiment we have just set up for another group of mice. Over the next couple weeks I was put in charge of carrying out this portion of the experiment on my own. I will operate on the mice tomorrow and then work out a schedule for the remaining days of the experiment to bring it to completion. As I said last time it will cumulate with some beautiful and descriptive microscope images for figures in our paper. I also hope to write a portion (likely a very small portion) of the final paper. I also spoke with my mentor and once this portion of the experiment is completed we will shift our focus to flow cytometry which I am excited about since it will be a new challenge to master. All this has also made me think about how I would like to write my own paper from start to finish. This is a lofty goal but I definitely this I can accomplish this with more hard work and learning.

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