Last Two Weeks and Final Goodbyes: #4

It’s crazy to think that my summer internship is almost over, 10 more days to be exact. Looking back, the days seemed long but as a whole it flew by. At the beginning of my internship with the Conceptual Development Lab, I knew absolutely nothing. Everything was hard and I had so many questions. As we wind up I am so confident in my knowledge and the work I do for my research project. I am so much more independent and productive with my days and I can see the progress I make and my contributions to the lab daily.

Looking back at the beginning, I see that I was way too shy with the other interns in my lab. I didn’t go out of my way to make friends and I was almost intimidated by how impressive they all seemed. Eight weeks later I can now say how wrong I was. I have made the best friends and I get to work with them every day. And then after work we will still all hang out, as if the eight to ten hour workdays wasn’t enough. I have lived in Ann Arbor for three years now and all of my work friends are new to this awesome city and want to explore it. I have tried places this summer that I haven’t tried in my three years at this university. This week we finally all realized that we actually have to go separate ways, different states and countries in just two weeks and I know it has hit us all hard. We hang out more and have been making more plans than ever.

Besides the fact that I now have friends at work and new people to hang out with after, I now have a broader network of impressive women in my field across the country and into Europe. This internship has tested my energy and dependency on caffeine but it has provided me with the chance to meet the most amazing people that I otherwise would have never knew were even out there. I regret not opening up earlier in my internship but within weeks I have made such close friends, something I didn’t think I would get from a research intern position when I applied.

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