Meeting With The General Manager | #5

At the start of my internship, one of the intern supervisors mentioned that it would benefit us interns to schedule a meeting with Julie Brinks, the General Manager of Wood TV8, towards the conclusion of our internship. She mentioned that many people do not take advantage of this great opportunity, so I made note of it to make sure that I scheduled a meeting.

Today, I had my meeting, and it provided me with a ton of information about not just the media industry, but the professional world in general. Julie looked over my resume and informed me that it was a very solid resume, both in terms of its formatting and the experiences that I had on it. She told me a little bit about her story, too, and perhaps the biggest thing that I picked up on is the number one way to be successful in any industry is to make yourself stand out. One suggestion she had for how to do this was to both apply online for jobs and send in your resume and cover letter through snail mail. Not many people do this, because they think it is corny and/or old fashioned, but she mentioned that it will be memorable.

She also shared the story of someone she hired while working at a station in Tuscon, Arizona. They were looking for a position that was low enough level that they didn’t plan to hire someone across the country for it, because they could just train locally. But one girl who applied to it had a really impressive cover letter, so they ended up flying her out from Chicago. What was so impressive about her cover letter is that she demonstrated the in-depth research that she did not only about the beliefs/values of the company, but also about Julie’s background. The girl explained how she and her values personally aligned those of the company and the people there. I think this was really helpful advice, because really no classes have taught me how to write a cover letter or what to include, it’s pretty much just been what I’ve researched online, so this is something I always struggled with. Basically every cover letter I’ve written has been an elaborated version of my resume; she said this is wrong. What a cover letter should aim to do is to say why your passions/skills align with the company. Julie said that I can mention professional experience, just frame it as what it has taught you about relevant skills for the job, rather than just saying that you have that experience.

The whole encounter was very encouraging, and we made sure we were connected on linkedin at the end of the meeting so we could keep in touch once the internship ends. I feel very happy that I scheduled this and very fortunate that she took the time out of her day to lend me an ear. I left the meeting feeling great, because she said that from what she could tell, I was very motivated and organized, and she knew that I would do very well in my career.

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  • July 30, 2018 at 12:02 pm


    Thanks for sharing your learning after your conversation with Julie! I’m glad to hear that you found it to be an illuminating and encouraging conversation!

    I was really happy to read the advice Julie gave you in regards to the cover letter. One of the biggest pieces of advice I like to give students regarding cover letters is that they shouldn’t just regurgitate the information on your résumé. Building a connection between your core values and the mission and values of the organization you’re applying to is a wonderful strategy to create a powerful and memorable narrative.

    I’m also glad to hear how encouraging the conversation was. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our work that we don’t take the time to positively affirm the good work that our organizations and people are doing – the fact that you received encouragement regarding your work and where you’re at in your professional development is a great thing – consider paying those good feels forward to someone else!



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