Smiling Cause it Happened – #6

My internship at the Creature Conservancy has definitely changed my future career plans. I’ve began to be drawn to environmental education this past school year, especially its need in disadvantaged communities, but I was unsure of what exactly what section of that I’d be most interested in. I knew I loved conservation, but unsure of what that meant for me. However, after working at the Creature Conservancy, I’ve found a connection for conservation dealing with wildlife. More so, I have become very curious about conservation efforts in indigenous/local communities in other countries, both the ethics and complexities surrounding those efforts.

The Creature Conservancy has blessed me with an amazing opportunity. I gained so much valuable experience in teaching environmental education, alongside being able to learn about animal welfare and science. My favorite part of this internship was getting to learn about animal care and behavior. It was a field I’d never really considered directly on the environmental career path spectrum, but I fell in love with the animals at the Creature Conservancy and the mission of their welfare. I got to learn small animal handling, how to create different kinds of enrichment, and the complexities that surrounding taking care of exotic animals and operating as a non-profit.

Today was my last day, and although working 40+ hours a week with kids can be exhausting, it was the most rewarding opportunity I’ve had. My love for environmental education has only increased and I look forward to see how my new interest for working with animals that need care will work into that. What the Creature Conservancy does, not only for animals in need of a home but in educating about conservation, is amazing and I was blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of it for a short time. 

2 thoughts on “Smiling Cause it Happened – #6

  • August 2, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Hello Ashley!

    I’m Jenny, a student engagement intern at the LSA Opportunity Hub and I’m excited to be following your blog posts!

    You got me intrigued about the Creature Conservancy, which I’ve never heard of, and they are doing such amazing things! I’m happy that you really enjoyed your internship with them, and that you got to work with kids and amazing people. Your mentor seems to sincerely care about your success, so your relationship with her is definitely very valuable! Any thoughts on how you might stay in touch with her beyond this summer? Her guidance and support could be beneficial moving forward!

    I absolutely admire you striving through college, coming in with additional layers of responsibility, navigating the structure of privilege among peers, and having limited financial support. It’s inspiring that you turned your hardship into a passion to help the disadvantaged communities. I believe you will go so much further with that positive mindset.

    It sounds like the internship exceeded your expectations, and the fact that it changed your career plans shows that it has been a very impactful experience. Are there certain skills or areas of growth that you’re excited to speak to, as you look toward what’s next? Keep track of your accomplishments and what you’ve learned – you have so much to be proud of!

    Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope many more opportunities will be headed your way! Don’t hesitate to stop by the Opportunity Hub and chat with one of our coaches- be it exploring a new career path, or finding similar internships like the one you did with the Creature Conservancy, we are happy to hear more of your experiences and interests. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you have a great rest of the summer!


  • August 10, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Hi Ashley,
    I really enjoyed learning about your internship experience through your blogs! I want to acknowledge that with this post you’ve met the six blog requirement for the scholarship. You’re more than welcome to continue to blog and we’ll keep following your posts! However if this is the last time that we hear from you on the blog, I hope that you’ll have a chance to stop by the Hub this fall. We can chat about how you represent your experience on your resume, LinkedIn, or even in future interviews! Please let us know how we can be of help.

    Best of luck in the final weeks of summer,


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