The Art Fair | Post 4

Last weekend, I spent some time showing my labmate around the city of Ann Arbor while also seeing all of the amazing things at the art fair. Even though I’ve lived less than an hour away from Ann Arbor my entire life, I had never been to the art fair before, and being as this is my first summer living up here, it seemed like the perfect time. There are truly no words to sum up how amazingly unique and brilliant all of the art on display was. My personal favorite was one booth where all the paintings were in a similar style to Vincent van Gogh– who is not only an icon but my favorite artist. The sheer number of booths was a little overwhelming; we walked for over three hours and still didn’t see everything there was on display. Although I would have loved to keep walking, as we passed by Ashley’s (classic) we knew it was time to stop, get some food, and watch the new crowds walk along the fair.

In total, the whole day was a great experience of combining new and old things. It was fun to show my labmate around Ann Arbor some more, and I even noticed that I hadn’t been down some of the streets we were walking. Things like these remind me of how grateful I am to have an internship in such an amazing city for the summer.

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