Week 4

The first skill that I’ve learned about working at Nike was coding in Python. It was really cool to be in a work environment and learning a new language. It also was great way to challenge myself, and teach myself on how to learn a new coding language on the spot. On top of this, I was able to learn how to use other resources rather than teacher to learn something. It interesting researching something for more than just knowledge, but to provide input. The importance of data and learning about how Nike keeps data or and uses data is very different from previous companies. I’ve learned the ideas of different marketing strategies and different data important to the companies analysis. Another thing I’ve learned is the power of Machine Learning and the different things that are possible. I’ve been able to see the completely cycle of machine learning, from when the idea is decided on to the model being trained. On top of that, I’m able to see how Machine Learning is incorporated in different parts of the business. This can be with people in Supply Chain, Finance and even Marketing. Overall, I’m learning so much about tech and the industry around it.



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