Week 5

This week we had a Hackathon, which was SO much fun. I’ve never been a part of a Hackathon. How it started that earlier this month, we all submitted ideas to the Hackathon pile. From there, they filtered out the ideas that they didn’t think were possible, and the Nike community was left with 24 ideas to vote on, about different things to implement at Nike. The Nike community votes on the ideas, and the top 5 ideas are chosen for the Hackathon. They then spilt up the interns into 5 times, each for an idea and we were given 36 hours to create a protype and a presentation of the product. Although stressful at times, it was a great way to turn an idea to a reality. The best part was being able to use everyone’s strengths to accomplish a goal. Half our team was working on the backend of the coding, while others were working on the frontend and the database. Those who weren’t familiar with the languages were scripting the presentation or researching the problem.  In the end, we were able to present to Nike Tech leaders and my team ended up winning. It was awesome to be a part of a winning team and receive feedback so fast.

One thought on “Week 5

  • July 31, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Zena, thank you for sharing, and congratulations on winning the Hackathon that was hosted at your internship! It is great to hear that you are being recognized for your work over at Nike.

    It is very cool to hear that you have learned about coding with Python at Nike. Learning Python sounds like a really important step in your pursuit of working in the world of technology and the fact that you are learning and using it with Nike must feel great.

    As I mentioned, I was very excited about you winning the Hackathon. I have been around a couple of Hackathons in my time (specifically within the world of sports analytics) and I know first-hand how difficult it is to win one, so again, congratulations!

    I’d be curious to hear more about the project that you worked on (if that is even allowed). It was very cool hearing about how your team split up the work, but it would be even cooler to know what the actual project you were working on was. Keep up the great week, and keep practicing with Python! Practice makes perfect.


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