Becoming a Leader #4

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with a group of fellow interns on a summer long project for Samsung. This has involved me connecting with other interns in Project Management, Media, Data & Analytics, and Creative to develop a cohesive marketing plan which addresses various concerns over marketing a Samsung platform to a millennial audience. In working on this project, I have had to learn the balance of making sure everyone is able to add their expertise to the project without becoming too confined by their role at Digitas.

In doing so, I have taken on a collaborative leadership role. By that, I mean, that I am not an official leader by any account. We all work together as one team to make the best work we possibly can. However, I take it upon myself to schedule meetings, record minutes of our discussions, and debrief with team members individually to make sure we are all on the same track. In doing so, I have learned the importance of communication in developing cross-capability work. While I am not in a media specific capability myself, I have also learned a lot about the way media is organized, as well as the way marketing strategy is implemented, through this project.

Finally, I have learned that there are many ways to be a leader. Dictating everything doesn’t make you a leader. Instead, I believe that working individually with members on your team, as well as pushing your team to work well together, is what defines someone’s ability to lead. I do not call all of the shots, but I believe I help make it possible for everyone to contribute to our direction and feel heard. That is what makes me a better leader than I ever could have imagined.

One thought on “Becoming a Leader #4

  • July 30, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    Pasquale — I can imagine working with interns from different work areas at Digitas has also helped you learn more about the organization. Communication in cross-functional work is incredibly important, and it doesn’t always come easily. I’m impressed by your ability to serve in this collaborative leadership role for your group, and I can see these skills helping you in a multitude of ways as you continue to grow as professional.

    At this time, I would like to introduce you to Uzma Anwar. Uzma will be following your internship until August. Best of luck to you!


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