Odd Jobs with TCFF | #4

Festival countdown: a little under four days. We gained a flock of new interns this week in prep. Most are set up in the office or with the videography team, as our guest traffic increases and the festival needs to be captured on film in order to create ~promotional montages~  later. Not sure how official that term is.

TCFF HQ now has double the bodies, double the energy and double the stress, but it all contributes to an element of excitement for the festivities to come. I’m most looking forward to Monday night, when we’ll do a public test-screening at the Open Space, our outdoor venue on the Traverse City bay. Every year TCFF uses Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense as their tester film, and apparently the vibe is pretty close to concert-level hype. Being just-underage in a town with a middle-age-to-elderly demographic has really limited my options in terms of nightlife, and I’m excited by the prospect of dancing my little heart out alongside my coworkers/friends/only social life up here in northern Michigan. Hopefully we’ll be able to look at each other the same way afterwards.

I spent the majority of yesterday ensuring that waivers were signed at Volunteer Credentialing, a much-anticipated process in which festival volunteers of all stations come to our State Theatre to collect their credentials, as well as the official 2018 volunteering t-shirts. Spirits were high for the most part, but it got pretty exhausting by the 5th and 6th hours. I learned that most people do not (confidently) know the date when put to the test of writing it next to their signature, as I had to confirm that “Yep! Today’s the 27th :)” to nearly every attendee. No shade, I’d probably do just as well if I were on the other side of the signup table.

I came in voluntarily today, Saturday, to help run (or rather walk) film festival posters to various venues. It’s nice out and the streets are flooded with tourists, or “fudgies” as a lot of the locals call them. I guess I’m a sort of hybrid (between local and “fudgie”); my two months of living here have given me a sense of entitled annoyance at families in sunglasses and matching t-shirts taking up the entire sidewalk as I bike to work, but I’m still not over how beautiful Traverse City is; it’s a shame we’re technically in “Trump country.”  I know little tasks like delivering posters aren’t exactly resume material, but they’re certainly good for morale since I spend a good deal of time with TCFF indoors on a computer otherwise.

In other news, due to some room-scheduling conflicts I, along with several other interns, will have to move out of our air-conditioned suites in North Hall to the hot, musty doubles of East Hall before the weekend is over. I’m not too upset about it because the change of scene should motivate me to organize; I’ve been living in squalor for the past few weeks. However, I’m not looking forward to the lack of a kitchen, my single room, and a gym in the same building. I’ve come to realize that my living circumstances have been really luxurious as far as dorms go, so the next ten days should be humbling.



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