Fourth week of Internship

It felt crazy that the weeks had been flying by. Aside from work, we had a couple of activities where the interns gathered and communicated. We had a couple of Team Building Exercises where we did team activities and competed. Those were supposed to be educational exercises. We also had a company picnic, which was especially fun because everyone got to wear casual clothing. It is fun to see how everyone is like outside of the work environment. We also went to a baseball game together. It was particularly amazing because it was a special day where everyone got to bring in their dogs. We talked a lot more than usual since we all work in different areas and on different tasks.

Workwise, I met a challenge where my manager gave me a deadline before she left, but then we were assigned 9 hours of training sessions in a roll. I had to push myself to finish as much as possible by the given deadline. I eventually met it, but it was quite a race.

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