My Mentor | #4

From the beginning of my internship, I’ve had the pleasure of being taken under the wing of a secretary/assistant/does-everything-around-the-office, who has opened up many opportunities for me within the office which would not have been available otherwise.

This woman is really incredible–she operates fundraisers for the State Attorney (, she is in law school and a mother, knows and is on great terms with just about everyone in the office, and is genuinely one of the friendliest and most cheerful people I have ever met. Her work ethic, attitude, and versatility is a sight to behold, and I could not imagine what the office would do without her, or how many people it would take to replace her.

I am very grateful that she has taught me almost everything I need to know for my internship, and has introduced me to dozens of incredible people involved with the State in some way or another. She’s always happy to take me on “field trips” to other areas of the office or the courthouse, allowing me to meet judges, lawyers, and plenty of interesting people. This past week, she introduced me to the judge who will be in court for a very interesting case going to jury trial next week, and the judge is allowing me to take notes for her and sit in the judge’s bench, which should be a really neat opportunity, which I would likely have not be able to do without my mentor.

Colton K.

Class of 2020 @UM. Interning at the Florida State Attorney's Office in Tampa, FL for the summer of 2018.

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