PCAP Internship Week 5

This internship has allowed me to have in-depth conversations with many people, whom I feel have already had great influences on my future plans. I have been able to talk to Ashley Lucas, the current director of PCAP,  about her experiences doing this work in other countries. She has been able to travel all around the world to learn about incarceration and how the arts can be used in these environments. The conversations with her has made me think about traveling in order to learn about these things as well. I have looked up things such as the Full Bright Scholarship, the Bonderman Fellowship, and the Wallenburg Fellowship. I am going to try and apply so that I can travel next year after graduation and learn about incarceration around the world. This experience will also influence even more what I study when I start the school social work program. Being apart of this internship has confirmed that the school of Social Work is what I want to do for graduate school, and I was also able to get a letter of recommendation from Ashley as well. I have also been able to have conversations with Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel, the director of Telling It. She had been working in the office that I was working in and we were connected through my supervisor Vanessa Mayesky. Telling It was founded in 2002 as an arts-based literacy program for school-age youth experiencing homelessness. We were able to talk about my future endeavors and what I want to do in graduate school and possibly even in doctorate school. She expressed to me her desire to have gotten more education because she wouldn’t have been as limited in opportunities and pay. It was also cool to talk to a person that was doing exactly what I was interested in, using the arts to help people. My supervisor, Vanessa, has also been super helpful along the way with instructions on different assignments within this internship. We recently talked about grant writing as a skill. She does a lot of grant writing for PCAP and she recently allowed me to look over proposals to see what type of writing is needed. This is something I plan to learn how to do in graduate school and I am glad to have gotten a head start on what this type of writing looks like. The connections I have made through the internship, I have found to be very valuable. These connections I plan to definitely use in my future, as this internship has helped in shaping my future.


I am a senior studying Acting Performing in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and I also major in Psychology in the School of Literature, Science, and Arts.

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