I was raised in India. New Delhi, to be precise. In spite of having lived in the capital region of one of the most diverse nations in the world, I had not been fortunate enough to explore the many places, which attract people from all across the world. I always regretted this. But this internship presented me with the opportunity to finally check off one of those places which I had always desired to visit – Pondicherry.

A French colony for the longest time, this Union Territory is still famous all across the country for its French roots. In fact, even when the British ruled India for almost 2 centuries, the French maintained its presence in this area on the Eastern coast. What surprised me the most was how strongly influenced the culture here was by there former rulers. Unlike most of the country, where English is the most dominant language (after its respective regional language), here, English took a back seat and French dominated. This took me by surprise. It was like an entirely different world. The beautiful sunrise at the Promenade was the most relaxing time I had had in a while and was definitely worth waking up at 5 am in morning.

This was a much needed break from my work, and certainly a place I will go back when I come to India again.

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