Visiting Google #5

This past week, we had the exciting opportunity to visit Google and learn about their operations. I believe there is a lot of intrigue surrounding Google due to the unique position the company holds in the minds of its users.

A large media conglomerate, Google is a part of a larger company, Alphabet, and is mainly known for organizing the world’s information. Over 3.5 billion searches are made every single day. On the flip side, there are also over 17 billion ads displayed on Google each day. This allows the search engine to operate as a central advertising hub which attracts every agency in the world. The rich data Google has access to allows for specific targeting as well as unique ad formats for different product offerings. It also allows for marketing messages aimed towards awareness, consideration, and action; depending on the specificity of the defined audience.

However, Google also operates in the phone, hardware, and home space and is actively advancing into the cloud technology sphere. It is also leading the charge to incorporate programmatic media buying, which will be the way of the future, allowing for ad placements on 3rd party channels which can get deep into the core of the target consumer that is of interest.

Overall, I learned a lot about the way Google works as a media company through this visit. I also was able to walk through certain parts of their offices, hear about their global impact on the world, and evaluate the company culture. It was really exciting to get an inside look at Google, and it was definitely one of my favorite experiences this summer.

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