Wrapping Up | #6

In a few short days I’ll be heading into my last month of work at First Solar. It’s gone by incredibly fast and I can’t believe I’m at where I am today. I come into work, grab the samples I am able to run and immediately get going. For the most part I can work independently and it’s a fantastic feeling. It can be a bit daunting heading into a new internship/job at the start but eventually you get used to the work. I feel as though I’ve gained a wide variety of skills to add to my repertoire such as my improved analytical technique, operation of an ICP-OES, and sample preparation. Along the way I’ve tried my best to ask my fellow chemistry co-workers questions and get the most out of this internship as I possibly can. I’m truly thankful to LSA for granting me an internship scholarship to fund myself partly during this summer. It means a lot to me to have that support from my school and this internship has been a wonderful experience for me.

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Go blue!

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  • August 5, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Hannah – Nice to get an update from you, and I *love* the punny joke you used as the picture for this post. It’s really exciting to hear about your sense of growth and the new skills that you have developed this summer at First Solar. I noticed how much your confidence in the work you are doing came through in your writing – it’s clear that procedures that were daunting at first are feeling routine now. As you make your way through this final month, I’m curious about if there’s anything you still hope to accomplish. Are there any larger projects you are wrapping up, or a conversation with a colleague you are hoping to have? It’s been a pleasure to read your posts this summer – as of this one, your blogging requirements are complete!



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