First day in Poland!

My first day in Poland was amazing. Even though I slept through most of it (I got in at 4am due to my flight being delayed and trouble getting into my apartment), I still was able to explore for a few hours in the afternoon. One of my supervisors put me in touch with other University of Michigan students. After sleeping most of the day, her and I explored got ice cream, explored old-town and the town square, watched street performers, and so much more. Warsaw is such a vibrant city filled with some of the best sights Europe has to offer (in my opinion). We went to an ice cream shop where they used liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. Of course it was delicious. Then we saw some of the sights such as the statue of the former pope, a memorial to the victims of World War II, and the president’s house. The architecture here is absolutely stunning. I read that it was built in the 1950’s because most of Warsaw was destroyed in World War II. Another aspect I found interesting was the street performers. The ones I saw were twirling batons of fire. It was definitely special. Finally, I made it back to my apartment where I met my roommates. They are fantastic! I absolutely adore them. I was EXTREMELY fortunate to have them. They have been so welcoming to me. Not only do they answer all of my questions about the city, but they have also offered to take me sightseeing not only around Warsaw but around Poland as well! I am beyond excited for this!! Another thing I really appreciate about them is that they make a conscious effort to speak English when I am around. They are in no way obligated to do this. I am in their country, so I should be the one making the effort to learn while here; however, they want to make me feel included and welcome, so I really appreciate this gesture. Now I am sitting in the waiting room where I work, waiting to kick off my first day. I am early (so I had time to write this blog post), but I cannot wait to begin my internship at This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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  • August 2, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Hello Samantha!

    My name is Josh Lee, and I’m one of the coaches at the LSA Opportunity Hub who will be reading and commenting on your blog throughout your summer internship experience. Thanks for sharing this first post!

    Coming into a new environment can be an intimidating experience on your own, so I’m really happy to hear that you’ve been connected with some folks who can show you around – there’s nothing quite like learning the ins and outs of a new place with a local. Despite the travel hiccups, it sounds like your initial impression of Poland was an extremely positive one.

    I’m really looking forward to reading about the work you do in your internship and your adventures over the next few weeks! Good luck!



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