Home Away From Home | #4

My internship is based in Chicago, and living in the city has been a great experience thus far in my internship. I am from Ann Arbor, born and raised. From kindergarten all the way to college, the town has been home to me. Ann Arbor is a great city, with lots of things to do and great people everywhere. However, living in an urban city like Chicago has definitely been a different experience. The main difference that I have grown accustomed to is getting around the city using public transportation. I do not have a car in Chicago, nor would it be very useful as traffic is slow all around the city, and so I have quickly gotten adept at using the “L” train system to get to work and anywhere else I need or want to go. Luckily for me, I am staying at an apartment right across the street from one of the stations and so my daily commute is quite short! Additionally, the diversity in Chicago is much greater than what I experienced living in Ann Arbor. From ethnic neighborhoods such as Greektown (where I am staying) and Chinatown to the abundance of different people you see just walking on the streets, I have really enjoyed getting to experience such a diverse variety of cultures in the melting pot that is Chicago. I have tried my best to try to experience as many different cultures as possible, primarily through food (yum!), and that is perhaps the aspect of the city that I will miss the most when I return to Ann Arbor next semester.

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