Home Away From Home

When I start off a conversation with “I have 15 roommates” people are often very shocked and confused. They can’t wrap their head around the fact that there could be 16 people in one living space, however I’m here to tell you it’s very possible. I’m in the Public Service Internship Program through the university and the majority of the people in our cohort live together. We live in George Washington University housing that is called an affinity unit, this is slightly difficult to explain and visualize. It’s essentially a cross between a dorm and an apartment, with two people to a room, four to a bathroom, and all of us to our living room and kitchen (which has double the appliances). It definitely never feels as crowded or chaotic as people would think, we all have different schedules so time spent in common areas is staggered.

We all intern at different places, study a few different things, and certainly all have different personalities; this always makes for a fun time. From attending the Memorial Day parade, museums, Fourth of July fireworks, the zoo, and the most recent family brunch we had in our kitchen to celebrate our last Sunday together, we’ve truly all grown so close. I remember attending our weekly meetings for PSIP throughout the year and our director would always talk about her roommate she had when she was in the program and how close they became and how close they stayed throughout their lives. I can now relate to that and will definitely be continuing with these friendships I have made throughout the year.


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