NLA Week Prep

For my internship with the National Forum on Higher Education, one of my main roles is helping to coordinate the New Leadership Academy. The New Leadership Academy is a program that the Forum runs to help educate individuals in higher education on how to be leaders as they navigate their careers in higher education. It focuses especially on the importance of being a leader in diversity work and how to benefit the students that higher education serves in the best ways possible.

Again, at the Forum I’ve felt like a colleague rather than just a summer intern. The other interns and I were all called into a meeting to discuss the libretto for the week-long conference, even though none of us knew much about it. However, wherever we gave our critiques, it was always welcomed and seriously considered. It felt like our own project rather than just a project we were assisting.

Doing work for the conference is what taught me a lot about organization. I’ve always felt as though organization is one of the points I lack a lot in, and so being able to expand skills in organizational tools like Excel by making spreadsheets of teams and attendees really helped me to build skills I would need for future organizing. I feel as though I also learned a lot about organization just by observing other people’s work–because it’s such an extensive program that has many moving parts, organization is critical to the success of the New Leadership Academy. I’m glad that I’ve gotten the experience to help work on such an important program and learn new skills along the way.

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  • August 2, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Alex, so glad you’re continuing to love your work culture, and getting to work on this cool project, it sounds like it’s going to be great. And fantastic that you’re getting to learn Excel more, it really is a powerful tool, and I barely know how to use it. Could be worth exploring a or Coursera 1-2 hours course on how to get the most out of it. We just started using a new Project Management software called ClickUp at the Hub. Learning new software can be tedious, but it’s already made a massive impact on our cross-functional collaboration.

    When is the New Leadership Academy? I look forward to hearing more about it.


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