Personal Reflection | #4

My personal involvement at my internship this summer has helped to facilitate so much personal growth and has made me feel more comfortable working in a business-oriented atmosphere. These last couple of weeks at my internship has been focusing more intently on self-improvement. Towards the start of my internship, my internship coordinator recommended that all of the interns to keep account of the work that they were doing whether it was through a personal journal, or an online blog (similar to this one). Outside of this blog to keep account of what has happened at my internship, I have a personal journal I’ve used to keep account of my experiences this summer with my internship, and as I’m drawing near the end of my internship, I’ve started to reflect on a lot of my initial posts to help see how much I’ve grown. I feel as though outside of my intern work which mainly is just how to market medical supplies to college-aged consumers, I’ve developed a lifelong toolkit of professional skills that will follow me wherever I go!

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