We Language: #2

After around a month, I’ve settled in. My boss and I get along really well, and she’s really affirming so I am starting to feel good at my job. Most of the day, I write questionnaires, which are responses to policy and ideology questions that endorsement groups send to us. Endorsements are helpful because they get us voters, money, and/or volunteers, so they’re somewhat critical to an election. Then again, everything is kind of critical to an election. Except yard signs.

Since the questionnaires are about my candidate, when I write them I write from his perspective. “When I was” this, “I did” that. “My administration.” “My campaign.” “We do this.” I’ve gotten so used to inhabiting his mindset that sometimes when I leave comments on the documents, I make snafus like “did we really achieve this?” Me, my boss, and my candidate are one person, like a giant circus puppet: he moves the head, my boss moves the legs, and I try to make the arms look as pretty as possible.

Still, I wonder if that’s dangerous. I’m still trying to figure out how it could be. For the most part, it’s just funny. I think it’s a negative only if it becomes groupthink. But believe me, do I know our policy backward and forward at this point. I’ve considered it so often that there’s no way my acceptance of this is blind. Besides, I love the people on the campaign and my candidate too, but I’m very aware of the things that still make me uncomfortable.

One thought on “We Language: #2

  • August 3, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    I love your story about confusing you, your boss, and your candidate, Hannah! That’s such a silly and interesting situation. I agree with you that I am not sure whether it’s “dangerous” per se. It’s definitely really good practice for working in communications, since people in that field have to do that a lot! It sounds like what you do is really crucial for the campaign. It’s awesome that you are able to get such good, real-world experience and be in such a critical role!

    I’m especially happy to hear that your boss is really affirming. It definitely helps the learning and settling in process if your supervisor is someone kind and trustworthy. I’d be curious to know if there’s anything you have learned from your boss, and if you think that this person could be a good mentor for you even after your internship.



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