#4 Time Flies

On Tuesday July 31st , I finally looked at the calendar. I can honestly say to you that I did not think the end of my summer would be this fast approaching. The month of August is literally right next door to us, a day away. It seems like this is the proper time to say “time flies when you’re having fun”, so there it has been said. But honestly, this internship has been more formative than “fun” for me, in the best way possible. I have learned so much about what steps I need to take to get me to certain places that I want to go in life. A lot of what I was learning was not through what certain things were delegated to me but how they were delegated. This experience has been very authentic to how experiences in the non profit sector might flesh out in my near future. The whole network of service to others could not be a stable and secure network without its support of a team effort towards similar goals. The goals that became grew to become increasingly more present and prominent were on how I figured out ways to accomplish assigned tasks than anything else. One does not usually realize how important the micro steps, the transitions, and the finer details are. Figuring out how to best do a task efficiently, resourcefully, mindfully, and on time takes some critical thinking. Especially if you are like me and office work is not something that excites you. All of the “smaller” parts of the big non profit machine are parts that are profoundly essential to the kind of work I want practice and engage in. I want to be a apart of a teams who are working just as efficiently, resourcefully, and mindfully. It is one thing to have a certain outcome from a certain situation because someone told you what to expect and it is another to experience it firsthand, completely on your own. Having these kind of raw opportunities accessible and learning what works for you and what does not is not common. And in this kind work, it is essential to find authentic and mindful ways to practice in order to keep helping yourself be able to help others. I am very grateful.

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