American Red Cross National Headquarters – #1

Hi everyone! My name is Maria Muzaurieta and I’ve been an American Red Cross volunteer for 5 years! I serve on the National Youth Council, which is a group of thirteen youth members and two adult advisors who nationally represent and serve the youth volunteers of the American Red Cross. Drawing upon the creativity, dedication, and energy of youth, the National Youth Council seeks to promote young volunteers as an organizational resource.

This summer, I’m interning at the American Red Cross National Headquarters in D.C. Specifically, I’m working on a national campaign called the International Humanitarian Law (IHL ) Youth Action Campaign, which is a program that encourages youth ages 13-24 to learn about international humanitarian law and empowers them to explore IHL through peer-to-peer campaigns.

Specifically, I am drawing on my network of youth volunteers across to country in order to help promote the IHL Youth Action Campaign. I create marketing materials that are internal and external facing, as well as help provide an insight into the youth volunteer experience in the American Red Cross.

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Go Red Cross!

Follow my journey! -Maria Muzaurieta
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