Internship Growth | Blog #5

Over the course of my internship, I have grown in my ability to work with a team and complete my own work and projects as well as my own personal growth from living on my own in a state where I had to start from scratch.

Honestly, before I moved out of Michigan, I was so scared to do anything on my own. I felt like in order to go out somewhere and do something, I had to have friends or family with me to feel safe and like I was having fun. I just didn’t know how to enjoy my time when I was on my own in the slightest.

Over the course of my internship, I have grown immensely in my abilities to enjoy and appreciate the world around me even when I am by myself. Relocating to a new place without anyone that I knew was so hard for me, especially knowing that my friends and family are thousands of miles away from me. I have been able to appreciate the lay of the city while I’ve been here and go out exploring new parts of  the city on my own when I have free time. I’m now able to appreciate going out on my own and trying a new restaurant, visiting a shop, exploring a new landscape, or going out to the beach without the worry that I have to be with someone else. Being able to be independent is immensely important in my eyes and I’m glad that I am finally able to do so without having to stress or worry about not having someone else there to explore the area with me. It definitely gets a bit lonely when you’re completely on your own but it’s not the end of the world to me as long as I stay connected to family and friends when I can, and as long as I explore and make my self happy as much as I can. I’ve learned how important it is to take care of yourself during my time here in San Francisco.

As well, I’ve also learned a ton about teamwork here at my internship, which sounds unoriginal, but actually served as a great and fundamental learning experience to me. Working on a team for a small company definitely has its challenges and I was there to encounter some of them. During the course of my internship, I got to experience what happens when a core member of the team leaves and the aftermath of that. Everyone had to step up in order to make sure that all of our bases were covered until we could find a replacement. This served as a great opportunity for me to step up within the company and show off what I had learned from the team member who had left. It wasn’t easy to fill the gap left by someone leaving the team, but it was a good challenge for us and I think we handled it quite well. I gained a lot of customer service skills through this opportunity when the team member left, which made me a bit better rounded at my internship. Before this team member had left, everything had been going normally and we were functioning well, but it was great to see what happens in a business when unexpected and unwanted things happen. It was interesting to see how the companies founders managed and addressed the situation and to see how the rest of the team coped with the situation. Overall, I think that in a small business it was great that they had created a good environment for the team to share knowledge with each other and learn about the company outside of just their own department.

Both at my internship and outside of it, my internship has allowed me to grow in new ways this summer I had not expected when I originally came out here. I’m happy for all of the new growth I have gained and am excited to see how I apply it going forward in my life.

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