Networking, Patience, and Dogs! #2

My first week was so exciting. I went to two after-work events: one was a congressional fundraiser for a representative in California, and the other was a Transportation Research Board event. My boss is really well known in DC for transportation related issues, so it was really cool to see how everyone respected her! My coworker (who is also a rising senior, but at George Washington University) and I were definitely the youngest people there by several decades. I expected a lot of the people I networked with to look down on us because of how young and inexperienced we are but it was actually the complete opposite. Everyone was so kind and curious to talk to us and know about us. It was truly a great experience.

Thankfully, I have yet to make any huge screw-ups just yet. I will say, however, that it has been taking me a pretty long amount of time to get simple tasks done. I think it is because I am afraid of making a mistake and I want to present perfect, quality work. I guess that is something that will come to me over time, though! I am really lucky to have a super kind supervisor and boss. They are so patient and understanding!

Another cool perk: I work in a WeWork space so there’s always cool stuff happening. There is a ping-pong table downstairs, free coffee, tea, fruit-infused water, and sometimes even have free beer on tap. I have never felt more like a millennial in my life. I can’t say I’m not enjoying it though! People always bring their dogs to the office too, so that’s a huge positive.

One thought on “Networking, Patience, and Dogs! #2

  • August 8, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Sion, my name is Zane and I am an intern at the Opportunity Hub. I have read all of your blogs and am glad to hear that you had a positive experience in Washington D.C.! I plan to reply to them all over the next week just so you know.

    It’s interesting to hear how this internship changed your perspective on transportation. I am an in-state student myself, so I am not nearly as familiar with trains and planes as you are, but it really is such a huge constant in all of our lives. I love how the internship made you more conscious of this.

    You need to show me this office where people constantly bring in dogs! I have not seen one dog at the Opportunity Hub yet, unfortunately. Jokes aside, it is intriguing that your workplace had so many amenities available. You stated that you “have never felt more like a millennial in [your] life,” and I think that’s a really good thing in this case!


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