Secrets in The O

I have met a lot of really cool people at The Mansion on O Street, however I’m not actually allowed to say who they are. Secret, hidden doors and passages aren’t the only thing secret here, the whole mansion prides itself on it’s privacy and discretion. Interns have the chance to interact with most to all of the guests, this sense of privacy helps facilitate bonds more effectively because people feel more comfortable sharing things knowing they wont be shared with anyone else. Each event we host and tour we give is another chance to meet someone new and interact with a new group of people. People that come to tour The Mansion come from all around the world, or just from right here in D.C., all these different people come with their own personalities and stories that add to the rich culture and history of The Mansion.

The event we hosted last night was one of the most interesting ones I think we’ve had since I’ve been here. Again, I can’t share details of the event (top secret information), but these people were all very interesting and personable, I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

No matter how many other people you meet, there is always someone you have a strong connection with, your fellow interns. This is the last week of my internship and I am one of only a few of us left, most of the other interns ended a week or two ago. Going from working with the same people everyday to not seeing them again is often an adjustment, however it’s still great to form such a bond with people you’re working with. At least at The Mansion they are continuously gaining new interns, so hopefully a new round will begin right before we all end so we can show them the ropes a little.

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  • August 2, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for sharing your final posts about your internship! I enjoyed reading about your blog about your time at The Mansion on O Street. It’s already on my to-do list when I visit DC next. It seems like you had a well-rounded experience from really grasping organizational and work culture at the Mansion on O Street — and then the greater DC area, too! This is amazing! I wish you could share more about the event you hosted. But I understand it’s confidential and top secret. This turned out to be a great experience in comparison to a bigger museum. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Go Blue!



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