Sixth week of internship #4

The middle of the eight-week internship is the part that flies by the most quickly.

We all gradually settled down in our respective positions, and the middle of the internship is where there is not as many activities or training, and we have all just been working on our projects. However, we still went out to get food together occasionally, and a lot of learning is happening.

Regarding my specific project, it has been interesting to see, as I wrote more reports, what kind of information are beginning to stay. For instance, even if numbers such as GDP percentage change can be important indicators of the financial conditions of the countries, what I really ended up taking away from these reports is a general sense of the conditions of each region in the world. For example, I now have a much better grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of each region, such as how the Caribbeans are in general very reliant on tourism but sensitive to climate change, and how Eastern and Southeast Asia has undergone strong growth but many countries face an aging population. These are important knowledge for me to have as a social science student.

Country Risk divides the evaluation of risks in a country into economic, political, and financial system risks. Because our company is using country risks to determine the creditworthiness of insurance companies operating in these countries, financial system risk is the one that is weighed the most heavily. However, due to the nature of my major, I am not that familiar with many things in that part of the risks. But I have also been learning a lot from the struggle to comprehend financial reports.

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