Terp Territory | #2

On June 21, a month after my internship with the Maryland Democratic Party started, I got a chance to go out and talk with local folk about the importance of going out to vote. I had been to events with Democratic leaders of the state and spoken on the phone to survey people and recruit volunteers but I hadn’t actually made real voter contact. As part of my field internship some of the duties that we have are getting people to vote and vote for Democrats. In gubernatorial elections, or midterm elections, turnout is often much lower than in the general elections so part of my job is getting folks to understand how important every election year is and convince them to vote in primaries as well as in the fall.

This opportunity a month after I started interning for the Party was with the team of interns that are based out of my home county of Montgomery County. We met up at the University of Maryland-College Park campus at 11 a.m. and canvassed in front of their student union building until 4 p.m. We talked to almost 100 students and staff and got the majority of them to commit to vote in the upcoming primary and sign up to start getting newsletters from the party. I truly enjoyed getting to talk with all of the people I met and hearing what was important to them and getting them to commit to voting in elections.

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