The Work #3

The work I do here is quite different from the work I did in my previous internships. In my previous internships, the companies were already pretty established so all the work I did there were contributions to big projects, helping behind the scenes, or taking phone calls, etc. However, since the company that I’m working for right now is a start up with my supervisor working by herself, all the work that I do here reflect the company and gets published the exact way I make it.

In Midsummer Tea, I am creating content for social media here all day, every day, which is honestly pretty fun but hard at the same time. I love photography and videography, but most of all, I love editing my work; and since these are the things expected of me every day, this internship is truly enjoyable. However, I’ve never put my social media skills to test before and I found it hard to figure out what the consumers liked. Some content that I thought was amazing wouldn’t get as much attention as some of the ones that I wasn’t very proud of. Sometimes it can get frustrating because the results come in slow and it requires constant time and effort. While on the other hand, I am given the whole span of the internship to figure out the social media attraction and hopefully get it in a good place before I leave back home.

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  • August 2, 2018 at 8:21 am

    I’m glad to hear that you are having a good experience at Midsummer Tea! They are a very interesting organization, and to your point about Midsummer Tea being smaller and newer, you have a lot more opportunity to branch out and learn what it is that you want to learn. But, one of the challenges to this kind of environment is that self-advocacy becomes essential. New tasks don’t just come at you without you asking for certain types of work, so I recommend that you continue to engage your supervisor in a conversation about what you’d like to be working on!

    It sounds like you have discovered that social media isn’t nearly as easy as people sometimes think it is! Getting results from social media posts requires a lot of patience to see what works and what doesn’t work, a lot of trial and error with types of content, social platforms, and times of day, etc. My recommendation (which I’ve heard from social media interns in the past) is keep experimenting. See what works and what doesn’t work, and try to document what does work and what doesn’t work. That’ll help the organization not repeat the same mistakes once you are no longer there interning.


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