Mentor | #3

Throughout my time with the Maryland Democratic Party, one constant has remained and that is my supervisor Lindsey. He has done an excellent job of providing me with the tools I need to excel in my position and learn about my motivation and my skills. Lindsey has helped me through everything I’ve had to deal with in my position whether it was writing my first pitch to ask people to volunteer for the Party’s events, entering in data into complex databases, or even just encouraging me to never be afraid to ask for help from my coworkers. By making sure I am well prepared and that I understand what I have to do to execute my tasks, I am always ready to do anything that I am asked to do. As this internship has gone on I have learned a lot about politics and what it takes to succeed in this realm.

To win elections or have a successful advertising campaign, it is important to reach as many people as possible and share the message that I am trying to spread effectively. Working with my mentor I learned ways to craft my message in a digestible way and find methods to stay motivated when making hundreds of calls a day which will stick with me as I move forward in the industry.

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  • August 16, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Shema, this is so terrific to hear you’ve had a great mentor and supervisor in Lindsey. It’s pretty rare to have the supervisor be strong enough that they also play the mentor role. How lucky for you! It sounds like you’ve not only learned a lot about politics and success in that arena, but also some of the elements of good supervision. Have you had the opportunity to thank Lindsey for the care and intentionality he’s given your relationship? I hope you are able to keep in touch long after this internship ends.

    Additionally, it was great to hear about your on the ground field work in your last post. Talking to voters FTF really makes an impact. Did you find any specific tips to get people to engage with you? In the era of smartphones, this can be tricky for canvassers…


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