Blog 3: First Mess-Up

The first time I messed up at my internship I did not even know I messed up. One important aspect of my job is collecting will-call names for our partners and assuring they are sent to the right person with enough time for them to allocate the tickets. At the beginning of the summer I focused on the NY Liberty, the WNBA team, and got very used to sending out their will-call names.

A few weeks later I was put in charge of collecting and sending out will call names for an event I didn’t know we were supporting, leading to some confusion. My supervisor told me to collect the names for 3 bars, but I had no idea that there were more places that needed tickets on a promo grid. I sent off the list by the time I was supposed to, but I was missing names for some places. This would have been fine if I had access to my email at home, but as I didn’t this lead to some confusion at work the next day. I received an email asking for names I had no idea existed, and my boss was confused why I didn’t send the whole list.

This was only a small instance of confusion, and ultimately it was easily worked out, but it felt like I was incompetent when it did happen. Not because anybody was mad at me, I didn’t know how to do it correctly, but because I felt like I let people down. I think this taught me that in the workplace, especially when you are new, it is way better to over communicate than try and figure something out on your own that you are really unsure of.

I am completely comfortable with will-call and reaching out to people now, and I think that this little mistake really helped me get to this point.

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