Blog #6: Future Plans?

So, my internship is almost over (tomorrow is my last day) and I’ve learned a lot, although I am leaving with even more questions than answers. The biggest and most important question I’m working on right now is this: How am I going to start my professional career a year from now? I was interested in going down the paths of staffing on the hill for an elected official or working for a campaign (and still am). Now I’m also looking into working for defense contractors (I think the experience I’ve gained through this internship will be a big selling point for me) or working as a staffer for a congressional committee as opposed to working for an individual member. Defense and committee staff positions would allow me to concentrate on an area that is of great interest to me, however, from what I’ve gathered, there is much less opportunity for advancement within the political sphere. The defense industry and committee staffing positions would yield greater future opportunities in lobbying though and my interest in lobbying has definitely increased dramatically throughout my internship. Presently, I’m faced with pretty difficult decisions that I’m running out of time to make, but choosing between all these different paths makes my life all the more exciting.

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