End of Internship!

This internship has influenced my future plans in many ways-I have, and still am thinking about graduate school.  Before this internship however, I wasn’t sure of which grad school because I was unsure of what I would want to study.  I have realized that I am very interested in health informatics and analysis, which fortunately, a lot of graduate schools offer for a masters degree.  It is a really specialized field, and I hope, if I were to get a masters in it, that I would be able to learn tremendously and be able to apply my knowledge in the healthcare industry.

Leaving this internship was sad, but I think it’s safe to say that every intern had a great experience working at IBM.  We learned that they offer full time positions after we graduate, and if we would like, then we would be considered very highly, due to our manager’s feedback.  That opened another great opportunity for me!

I definitely want to work in the healthcare industry, and IBM being such a large technology company that works in every industry, I see working at IBM being a potential path for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed this internship, and am excited to see for what is next.

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