Final Week | #6

As I wrap up my internship this week I took some time to reflect on where I am headed after graduation and what I plan to do with my life. Throughout my time in college I have never really known exactly what I wanted to do and I had hoped that after having an internship in the field of my studies that I would have a better picture of what it was that I would pursue. While I enjoyed many aspects of working in the campaign side of politics such as networking and perfecting my communication skills, I realized that I want to do more than campaigns once I graduate. As much as I have come to realize the importance of experienced and organized campaign teams that effectively spread a message, I also recognized that the actual policy and legislation side of politics is where I wanted to grow and make an impact in.

To accomplish this I know it will take a lot of hard work and I hope to come back to my home state of Maryland and work in and around D.C. in political consulting and eventually head to graduate school to pursue a Masters in public policy and learn about how to be an effective policy leader. This will be a fulfilling path for me as hopefully I will be able to be a part of impactful legislation that changes the lives of Americans for the better.

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  • August 16, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Shema! How fantastic that your internship helped you figure out this is where you want your path to take you. From meeting VP Biden, to the growth of your personal skill set, and now a defined path for yourself after you time at Michigan. What a summer you’ve had. I hope you plan to come into the Hub this fall and work with some of our coaches to help you best represent your experience this summer on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or future cover letters and job applications. We’re here to support you not just with an internship search, but your career journey as a whole.

    I’ve appreciated getting a window into your world this summer. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation, and we hope to see you in the fall!


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