Growth | #5

Over the course of my internship I have grown immensely in both my skillset and my motivation. When I first joined the Maryland Democratic Party I was unsure of what my role would be and whether or not my skills would be applicable to the job. I quickly learned to adapt all that I had learned through my various positions as an RA, an office assistant, and a representative in my college’s student government. While I had been a good communicator as a result of these various positions that required me to coordinate with colleagues on projects and assignments, I had rarely been asked to use my communication and messaging skills directly with people outside of the organizations I was working in. Never before had I been asked to speak to dozens of people I had never met to ask for help with putting on events and surveying folks in our communities. But because of my internship I learned to apply my skills universally and nurture them so that they may be put to good use as I continue on my life path.

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