Meeting Biden | #4

The day I met Joe Biden was my favorite experience during my internship because I met one of my idols. As a respected figure in politics for over 40 years and a former Vice President, Biden has had a wealth of experience in politics and running the United States of America. I got to hear a bit of his thoughts on the current state of the country and the path forward for strengthening America’s status as the premier power of the world. In addition to listening to his half hour-long speech to the standing room crowd at Camden Yards in Baltimore, I got a chance to get a picture and speak briefly with Vice President Biden along with some other interns. He kindly told us that we were an important part of the Maryland Democratic Party and that we should continue to stay involved in politics after we finish the internship and moved on. Meeting Joe Biden was one of my dreams come true and I am very thankful for having been able to do so through my internship.

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