Mentorship #3

The best part of my internship this summer has been, without a doubt, my bosses, all three of whom serve as mentors to me. Two of my bosses are University of Michigan alums, and this important connection helped me to immediately recognize them as mentors to me for navigating the rest of my collegiate experience and the rapidly approaching post-graduate life I will soon participate in. My bosses are incredibly hands on, and have made themselves available to me as mentors since my first day on the job. They regularly schedule lunch meetings with me to discuss how I am feeling at work, what my career goals are, and how they can help me achieve them.

All of my bosses have  interesting careers and have shared their experiences and how they got to where they are today. They are invested in me and helping me figure out where I want to be and what I want to be doing. I learn from them every day as I complete my tasks and observe them in their positions. They regularly check in with me and the other intern to see if we like what we are doing, to see what we have learned, and to ask us about what else we can do. Through them, I have learned a lot about life in Washington, D.C. and what career options I have. They have introduced me to a number of people and a number of careers that I am interested in exploring. I feel very privileged to have them as my bosses and my mentors.

In addition to my great mentors at my job, I am lucky to have a mentor assigned to me through my program, PSIP, the public service internship program. My mentor is a graduate from the University of Michigan who also participated in PSIP. He works at POLITICO and recently I got the opportunity through him to tour the office of POLITICO, which was unbelievably cool.

Mentorship is, in my opinion, an integral part of an internship, and I am lucky to have so many great mentors in D.C. who are helping me to succeed.

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