Near the end!

The last week of my internship is finally here!  Never did I think time would fly by so fast.  I still have one final presentation to do, and have a little bit to work on until my last day.  However, I think I am able to reflect on my time here pretty well…

Going into this internship, I had a vague idea of what to expect, as well as the things I learned in orientation that would be going on.  However, I think the program did a great job in giving everyone a unique experience, that really can’t be put in the job description.  That’s why I had a vague understanding of my role, because IBM allowed me to go after my own experiences and really create a whole new job description.

From networking to traveling to client meetings, having practice calls and presentations, bonding with other interns and working on our individual projects, I can safely say that my perspective of this internship from the start has changed tremendously.  It was quite the 10 weeks to experience a different side of the tech industry, a more client facing side, and to be honest, a more meaningful side because I was able to study the connections that my team members had with their clients, which showed me how important it is to be able to work along side customers and team members in order for benefits to occur.

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