One of my favorite experiences | Post #5

As my last two weeks approach at the Department of Transportation I think my favorite experience of the summer would be my trips to the Capital Building. Unfortunately my internship calls for me to work on the other side of town from the traditional D.C. landmarks (White House, Capital Building, Washington Monument); but a handful of times I’ve been afforded the ability to get a first hand look at how a federal agency interacts with our legislators and legislative branch (the best of both worlds right?). My first time going to the Capital I, along with a couple other interns, were able to get an unbelievably informative tour; including all the history I could ask for as well as the chance to go out onto the House of Representatives’ floor to experience sitting in the same room that hosts some of the most powerful people in our government.

The second time I has fortunate enough to head up to the Capital Building I was able to attend a real briefing between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and a Congresswoman. The whole ordeal gave me an unforgettable fly-on-the-wall experience as to how congressional briefings are done. Additionally I was also able to take a “behind the scenes” tour of the Capital with my supervisor – because he had spent a considerable amount of time working in the Capital prior to the Department of Transportation.

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