Problems- Blog #4

Last week the server at my internship went down. While this only affected a small portion of people in my department, my role was directly linked to the server. Unable to access the server I was unable to look at the cancer slides I needed to score for a particular protein expression. While initially frustrated, I reached out to some senior researchers who were encountering the same issue. The issue was out of my control and took two days to resolve. I tried to make the most of the time by reading research articles related to my field of study. I was excited to learn new information regarding tumor biology and learned a great deal in regards to past studies in my area of interest. The server eventually came back up and I was once again able to return to my primary task. However, the experience thought me a great lesson in time management. I experienced the value of finding productive ways to utilize my time even though they might not be what I initially anticipated. This one of the many invaluable lessons this internship has thought me. I look forward to continue to learn not only about head and neck cancer, but also lifelong lessons that will prepare me for my future career.

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