Second to last week #5

Time has been flying by. It feels like the middle part of the internship really just disappeared, mostly because what I have done is pretty much of the same routine everyday.

I have done more than 40 countries up to this point. What I think is the most important thing that I gained so far is that I was forced to switch perspective. For our purposes, I have to look at data and information from a business perspective, which can lead to completely different conclusions. For instance, a “pro-business government” can have some negative connotations when appeared in a history book, as it may imply lesser social welfare and higher unevenness in the distribution of income, etc. But when assessing country risks, a government that is friendly to business operations is always a plus. This helps me to have a much more neutral stance and much less predisposed opinions when I look at information and data, which is tremendously important and helpful to a social science student.

I do feel a little sad, however, because we have hit the point where everyone settled down in their own slot and just worked on their own tasks, and any chance of interaction seems to be receding. I did hear from someone else that interns in the previous years typically had a lot more interactions, and I do not know why it is not the case with us.

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