After my first few weeks into my internship, I was starting to understand the patterns of the office. I knew what I was to complete within the first two hours of the workday, and the rest of the day was full of projects assigned throughout. Something that I really had to work on was my time management. I had to decided what was  most important to complete right away. That’s not always easy. Even more so, I had to work fast. Usually at school, I will proofread and proofread things through. And I’m not saying that’s an useless habit to invest in, but sometimes you just don’t have that cushion of time granted to you. I think that all my past skills from school such as grammar, proofreading, reading sentences out loud, flow, and more have been some of the best tools at my internship. Knowing the importance of the skills remains in the back of my mind while I work, which is helpful because I don’t have time to be careless my first time around and expect that I have time later to fix it up. I’ve built confidence in my writing, trust that comes from having to believe in yourself because what other option do you really have? Not sending the email to your boss? I just have to hope that my words make sense, and I didn’t realize how beautifully confidence in your writing can make affect your writing. I feel more powerful, focused, and hopeful when it comes to writing, and I’m very thankful for that.

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