Blog #4 – Office Book Club

Perhaps my favorite part of this internship is the effort my supervisor puts into getting to know each and every one of the interns. Every morning we gather in the conference room and before we talk about our assignments for the day, we go around the circle and answer questions that in any other setting would be “icebreakers”, but in this setting they are how we check in with one another. Some days we only talk about two or three questions, and other days we have five or six. They range from “what caught your interest in the news lately?” to “what tv show did you watch last?” – all the questions are meant to create more common ground among the interns as well as serve as a way for our supervisor to get to know our interests in a less formal way.


This kind of dynamic is very different from any other internship that I have had and I really appreciate the camaraderie that is being built between the interns at the Congresswoman’s office.


We even have a book club of sorts. The book is slowly being passed around to every intern and after each person finishes it, we give a brief summary of our thoughts to the group. This has also been a very interesting experience and I love that the book my supervisor chose is also enhancing our understanding of the district that the Congresswoman represents.


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