DC – The End

My favorite experience as an intern on the Hill has been the people I have met and the beauty around me. While I leave a little bit disheartened by what an individual can actually accomplish on Capitol Hill, I’ve seen the power of one individual setting the example for others. As the House went into recess, there was much left unaccomplished.

My office was kind and welcoming to everyone, and my Congressman has a strong record of real public service. Things can happen slowly in the government, but from looking at my Congressman’s career, I can see that it is possible to work together and get things done. When I first met him, he was adamant that everyone in the office, including interns, display their names on their desks. Without that, he said, the Hill can become a very anonymous place. I definitely understand that, considering the sheer amount of people who work there. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to intern for an office that cared.

Seeing famous politicians daily and being inside the beautiful buildings was a part of the internship that, for me, reminded me that all of my work was real and has implications that stretch farther than I can see. I’ll always remember the passion of the constituents who called, and the breadth of issues that they care about. I think I romanticized Washington and the Hill a lot before coming here. I’m glad to have a more genuine impression of the national government, because it will make me more informed as a citizen. As a person, I’ve learned to always keep in mind the importance of service and advocating for others.

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  • August 31, 2018 at 8:41 am

    Griffin, it was great following your two experiences! The juxtaposition between your time in Canada and D.C. was fascinating. I hope that the experiences helped confirm your path and, that while you have a better understanding of the individual, that you are still committed to service… whether that be in the public or private sphere.


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