Growth and Gratitude



This is it, my internship here at the Ecology Center is finishing up in these next couple days. While I reflect back on this summer I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had through this organization. I have learned about networking, time management and project development. I have grown as an a employee, but more importantly as a person. Throughout my time here, I have interacted with many people from various backgrounds, which as someone who still feels a little lost on her future was incredibly comforting. The skills I have learned this summer are sure to be transferable in any career path I choose.

This past Monday, my fellow intern Brandon had his last day. As a treat for a summer of hard work, our boss Julia took us out to dinner. During our meal we talked about projects and work and slowly drifted into future ideas. I shocked myself by asking Julia if she would need any help in the fall and even more surprising was her enthusiastic response. On the spot she offered me a work study position for the fall semester. I am honored and excited to continue my work here throughout the school year. I know the work, school and social life balance will be tough, but with proper care I am sure I can find a proper balance.


I want to thank the LSA scholarship committee for allowing me have such a spectacular summer. To the Ecology Center and all of the wonderful staff members, thank you for welcoming me into your family this summer.




One thought on “Growth and Gratitude

  • August 8, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Congratulations as you wrap up! It’s clear that you’ve gained so much through your experience, and that through your reflections, have really pushed yourself to identify the skills you’ve gained and built.

    What you express in this reflection is everything that we hope students get out of an internship experience. You found yourself able to grow and develop both personally and professionally. It’s wonderful to hear the new sense of confidence you have in yourself, your work as a professional, and even with the ambiguity the future holds. Yayyy! I love how you said you were shocked you asked about helping at the Ecology Center this fall; your ability to advocate for yourself and speak up is awesome — and I’m not at all shocked that Julia would be honored to have you continue! 🙂

    Don’t hesitate to stop by the Hub in drop-ins or an appointment to learn more about how you can translate your experience to your resume/cover letter/interviews, or even as you continue to explore what the future might look like.

    Thank YOU for all of your work, growth, and energy you’ve shared, Caylin – it’s been an honor to follow your path this summer. Can’t wait to see where it takes you next!



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