Last day of internship #6

Today is our last day at our internship. The eight weeks have just disappeared, and I was talking to my supervisor about how it felt more like three weeks: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

I had final reports to turn in by the last day, and we also needed to make a final presentation in front of everyone on this last Friday. Therefore, I was feeling a bit stressed right before the day came, and, for that reason, I had little time to reflect on the fact that the internship was actually ending. By the time I finally finished the presentation and turned the projects in, it felt so strange to have to suddenly realize we were leaving already.

This is my very first internship, and I think it has been an amazing start. I was at first overwhelmed by how they trusted me to write the reports myself (as I thought I was only going to edit some minor information).Because my work is centered around one specific project, what I do at the internship is more concentrated than I expected before I started. A lot of it has been really challenging but educational and eyeopening for that reason as well. The two employees I worked with during the internship gave me their contact information respectively, and although I don’t see myself contacting them, it has been a great pleasure to work around dedicated and professional people like them, and the time we worked together and how they always helped me will always be a good time to look back on.

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