Moriumius: Reflections

During my time interning at Moriumius, I had the privilege of meeting great people from all over the world. I am studying abroad in Spain this fall, and now I have some friends to visit in Denmark and France. Additionally, I became more confident in addressing my opinions. There were definitely a lot of ups and downs during my time at Moriumius, but ultimately I will look back on this experience with fond memories.

Some highlights:

  1. trying hoya, a local specialty known in English as a “sea pineapple” for the first time
  2. making a finsta account with the other interns where we shared our inside jokes during our time as interns
  3. countless adventures in Sendai
  4. getting to eat so much food all the time
  5. the close access to mountains/beaches/ocean

Some proof of the previously written list ^

Though the work at Moriumius wasn’t always what I had anticipated, I was fortunately always working with another intern. We never ran out of things to talk about, and they really helped me with some mental health issues that I had been experiencing the previous year. With that in mind, I believe that I really gained a lot from my internship at Moriumius and from living in Ogatsu, Japan.

Following this internship, I stayed in Japan for an additional 6 weeks. I have been back in America for several days now, and I am happy to be home. I’m looking forward to the next time I can see my new friends abroad in Europe, and also to see my coworkers from my various jobs in Japan this summer. I have been told by several people already that I seem more confident or more happy than I did several months ago. I feel this way too. I am nervous about the upcoming school year, but I will really try to keep the positivity that I have going for as long as I can.

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